DSR officially announces DSR ASIA, DSR’s wholly-owned subsidiary for serving clients in Asia
October 5th, 2020

DSR is proud to officially announce DSR ASIA, DSR Corporation’s wholly-owned subsidiary for serving clients in Asia, based in Yokohama, Japan. DSR has served the Asian market as one of its core markets for more than 2 decades.

D S Rは、アジア地域の顧客サポート強化の為、日本の横浜に完全子会社であるD S Rアジア株式会社を設立致しました。D S Rは、過去20年以上に渡り、アジア市場をコアマーケットの一つとして事業を展開して参りました。

With the launch of DSR Asia, we look forward to providing timely and intimate support to our Asian partners, expanding on our success which has already seen DSR established as a one-stop solution for world-class communication companies, electronics companies, machine manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and more; across Asia.

私共は、これまでワールドクラスの通信、電機、機械、半導体分野のお客様との経験を通じ、確立、培って参りました技術、ノウハウをD S Rアジアを通じ、アジアのお客様によりタイムリーかつ緊密にお届け致します。

Visit our new DSR ASIA Website below to learn more!