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DSR was initially founded to provide a database engine product in USA, Europe and Japan specifically targeting embedded software area. The history of DSR is coming from the history of Linter database engine, for which Anatoli was a Chief Architect for over 15 years. DSR's development team has extensive experience delivering software to the market for various products ranging from cell phones to large scale data storage systems used by such organizations as NOAA.

Such unique combination of knowledge and experience allows DSR to help its customers build high quality, technology-proven solutions and products. Learn more about our capabilities. Contact us to learn how we can help your products succeed.

Leadership Team

Anatoli Pechkov, President and CEO

Anatoli Pechkov is the founder and CEO of DSR. He holds a Master's degree in Theoretical Mechanics from Voronezh State University, Russia. He has managed software development teams for over 20 years as Principal Architect, CTO, and CEO. In 2000, Anatoli spearheaded the ground-up development of RelexUS, Inc's Linter RDBMS (relational database management system). Designed for the US and Japanese consumer electronics markets, Linter has been used in over 31 million systems in Japan and the United States. In 2008, Japan-based Brycen, Ltd acquired RelexUS. Anatoli managed this acquisition. As CEO of Denver-based DSR, Anatoli provides software product architecture and development, product roadmap strategy, and client relationship management. His business development acumen and entrepreneurial passion drive him to treat his client's time, investment, and team like they are his own, maximizing value for DSR's clients.

Genie Peshkova, COO/VP of Operations

Genie comes from a strong background of enterprise project and project portfolio management. As a Management Consultant, she has designed comprehensive project governance and portfolio management solutions for many clients in the commercial and government sectors. Genie has worked in various capacities within all major departments of an organization, providing her invaluable insight into business operations and management. Genie is a published author of several Sam's Unleashed and Que Special Edition Series books. At DSR, Genie is responsible for the operations and management of the Company's project portfolio. Genie is involved in top-level strategy, business planning, business development and marketing, negotiation and execution of deals, as well as management of relationships with existing client accounts. Genie holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematical and Computer Sciences from Colorado School of Mines.

Alexander Bychkov, VP of Engineering

Alexander has more than 20 years of Software Engineering experience and 25+ years of Management experience in such domains as Software Engineering, Science and Education. As the head of DSR Engineering Department since the moment of its foundation, he has led the activities of forming and executing everyday management of Engineering team, definition and implementation of Software Engineering, Quality Management and Project Management processes, and coordination of Engineering team effort with other company departments. He holds a PhD degree in the Image Processing domain.

Barry Massey, VP of Engineering/GM of DSR-Europe

A proven leader with over 30 years of software product development experience, Barry has a strong track record of managing diverse, globally distributed teams and delivering outstanding results. Barry has focused his career in Data Protection software products and holds a U.S. Patent for work in storage virtualization. His international experience includes assignments in New Zealand, Germany (EMEA) and India. At DSR, Barry works with clients to define project parameters (requirements, architecture, scoping, timeline and team makeup) and serves as the central management point between client and the engineering team. Barry's extensive experience creating, launching and supporting products brings strong strategic guidance and input to the overall company direction. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Harding University with an emphasis in Computer Science and Business Systems Analysis.

Hiroshi Kamada, General Manager for DSR Asia/VP of Sales for Asia-Pacific Region

Kamada-san brings more than 30 years of marketing and sales experience in software development services and software products in RTOS, NFC, RDBMS and HA/BA fields in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and countries in South East Asia. He has been engaged in the introduction of DSR products and services for major companies in Asia since 1998. Rich experienced in Sales and marketing in instrumentation filed such as HAVC related devices and systems for HA/BA, FA, CIM applications as well as Web level SW system such as RDBMS, NFC base real-time monitoring platform. Provides not only SW sales and service but also sales/marketing consulting as an assistant to build marketing and sales strategy of customers as a software business expert.

DSR Advisory Board

Howard Gee - President, Card Access Engineering, LLC

Howard Gee brings almost 25 years of legal and managerial experience. Gee practiced international transactional law at major law firms in Cincinnati (Ohio), Tokyo (Japan) and Salt Lake City (Utah). He was General Counsel to a Utah Industrial Bank and worked as a solo practitioner for several years focusing on business organization and transactional matters. Gee now serves as President of Card Access Engineering, LLC, an engineering services and product development company focused on the integration and optimization of wireless (WiFi, BlueTooth, Zigbee and Z-Wave) technologies into new and existing products. Gee holds a J.D. degree from the Columbia University School of Law (New York) and a bachelor's degree from Utah State University.

Tomas Jablonski - Founder and President, SwedAm, Inc.

Tomas Jablonski, M.Sc., brings over 30 years of experience in the technology industry spanning software and hardware sectors. Starting in early 70s, Jablonski served as a developer and later president at Isotronic AB (Sweden, hardware and software for medical research), as president of Isotron, Inc. (Connecticut, manufacturer of business microprocessor based computers), and president of System Six (Colorado, a developer of the USIX Real/Time OS and associated technologies).

James Stout - Chief Technology Officer, Card Access Engineering, LLC

Jim Stout brings more than 25 years of engineering and managerial expertise in embedded communications including strategic partnerships with Analog Devices, Inc, Atheros Communication, Proxim Corporation, Lockheed Martin Co., Boeing Corporation and others. Stout has broad experience in transforming research and development concepts into successful, high-growth business solutions. Stout was directly responsible for the growth of an upstart division of Megahertz Corporation.

Stout previously served as Senior Director of OEM Engineering for 3Com Corporation directing software and hardware product engineering efforts for the U.S., Europe and the Pacific Rim. He also held engineering management positions with 3Com Corporation, USRobotics, Inc. Megahertz Corporation, Philips Semiconductor, and Signetics Semiconductor. Stout holds B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University.