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DSR is a professional software development and consulting company. We achieve real market results and like to do everything we can to make our clients succeed. DSR specializes in 4 main areas: Cloud, Embedded, Mobile, and Enterprise. DSR has experience with an impressive list of technologies. If you have a project in mind, just ask us how we can create a complete software solution for your business needs and objectives.

Flexible Engagement Models

DSR Corporation delivers best talent teams of engineering resources to ensure successful delivery of your project. Each project team is fully managed by an experienced Project Manager to ensure quality and productivity. This approach minimizes risk, reduces customer overhead, and transfers responsibility to DSR, allowing you to fully concentrate on your product. The four flexible engagement models below allow you to choose the precisely right approach for your project needs. Team scaling is simplified as well - we'll seamlessly expand the team as your needs grow and change.

Complete Project

  • DSR is responsible for entire project from Initiation through Delivery and Support
  • Work estimated down to an hour
  • Fully managed team
  • T&M or Fixed Price

System Module

  • DSR implements part of a project
  • DSR performs component integration
  • Collaboration with the rest of the project team
  • T&M or Fixed Price

Dedicated Team

  • Fully managed, dedicated team to use at your discretion
  • Flexible plans: month-to-month or long-term staffing based on FTE commitment
  • Cost reduction benefits for longer commitment

Hourly Consulting

  • Technology expert consulting
  • All work performed by Architect/Lead Engineer level
  • Hourly rates apply

Our Expertise


DSR has extensive expertise building scalable solutions using various technologies. DSR has architected and build complete back-end, front-end, and cloud management systems. DSR products are proven in the market in serveral IoT applications since 2007. Orignianlly started as a storage software technology company with strong background in relational databases, DSR experience spans into big data, analytics, and data management. DSR cloud experience verticals include Elderly Care, Home Automation, and Business Services.

Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise software development has always been one of the core areas of expertise for DSR and comprises large part of our project portfolio. Using DSR's diverse experience, DSR has provided solutions including: Collaboration and Document Management, Business and Process Workflow, Business Analytics, complex Engineering Tools, Content Management, efficient data processing using RDMBS and noSQL. Some of the key verticals DSR worked in include: Broadcasting and Multimedia, Telecommunications, Business Services, and Avionics.

Mobile Software Development

DSR mobile development services include complete design, architecture, development, and release of products using most modern mobile technologies. DSR has designed applications in Consumer Electronics, Real Estate, B2C, B2B, and Automotive industries. DSR experience goes beyond the intuitive user interface and convenient features to complex application design, including OS-level event handling, Bluetooth Low Energy operations and manipulation, WiFi integration, GPS services, Phone-based pedometer implementation, and middleware. DSR is fluent in both native and cross-platform mobile development.

Embedded Software Development

Large portion of DSR experience lies in system-level and embedded software development, including middleware, wireless protocols, wireless stacks, embedded database engine, real time operating systems, OS-less firmware, OTA upgrades for wireless communication devices, and consumer electronics firmware. DSR software has been deployed in millions of mobile devices. System-level and embedded areas DSR has worked in include: Consumer Electronics, Home Automation, Smartphones and Tablets, Server and Data Storage, and Wireless Communication Devices.

Big Data and Analytics

DSR team has large practical knowledge in building customized analytical solutions over large data sets. If you have a need to migrate your data from SQL to NoSQL, build fast and reliable SQL queries over NOSQL collections of data, implement profound analytical models - DSR can help you. Our experience allows us to choose the best combination of technology platforms, so the final solution is not only reliable and efficient, but also not tied to a particular vendor, thus allowing you to save the budget and creating the optimal result.