Blockchain & Distributed Ledger

DSR provides world-class service in Blockchain and Decentralized Systems. Decentralized blockchains are immutable, which means that the data entered is irreversible. Blockchain provides data anonymity, integrity, and immutability through decentralization. Decentralization is being used to improve the overall security of many types of transaction on the Internet. We specialize in creating the right Blockchain solution for you, by choosing the best technologies for consensus and security protocols and creating a framework that adheres to your timeline, budget, and specifications.


Our Blockchain and Decentralized Systems Services include:

Designing, developing, and launching Blockchain solutions from scratch or based on popular frameworks

Building commercial, enterprise and end-user apps that work with Blockchain networks

Optimize Blockchain for existing solutions

Quality Assurance: automated, stress, load and performance tests

Expertise in consensus protocols

DevOps: Expertise in deployment and maintenance of production blockchain networks & Infrastructure-as-a-Code

DSR Blockchain Software Design Principles

All of DSR’s Blockchain and Decentralized Systems work is guided by these principles

Open Source Technology

Working with open-source technologies, communities and protocols, while contributing to Blockchain and SSI frameworks.

Strong mathematical background

Deep understanding of underlying math and consensus protocols, transforming math abstraction model into a customer-specific solution/protocol.

Quality Assurance

DSR’s process mandates a test-driven design, and preforms a series of tests for any project including: Stress and load, property-based, simulation and performance testing.

Extensive Development Ops

DSR’s world-class service centers around our DevOps which includes CI, CD, infrastructure-as-code, and deployment & maintenance of production Blockchain networks for all decentralized solutions.

Security by Design

All DSR software projects are secure by design because our engineers apply security principles and work with modern and reliable cryptography and protocols throughout the process.

Developed for Market

DSR designs and develops our partners solutions to be market-ready from the onset.

Blockchain Tech