We are technologists at heart, a fact that makes us a technology-agnostic shop. Our team lives and breathes the latest innovations and stays on the cutting edge of development, that way they can suggest the most modern and supported technologies for your project. We will help you select the best technology and architecture for your project, no matter your needs.

We specialize in enterprise-grade software development, mission-critical applications, consumer-market-ready products, and complex multi-component systems. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the list below, contact us.


IoT / Wireless-Specific Services

  • Development of solutions from scratch or based on existing MAC or higher levels
  • Protocol implementation: Zigbee, Bluetooth (incl BLE), Wi-Fi, Thread, Zwave, HomeKit
  • Application and middle layer development on basis of wireless protocols
  • Device driver development
  • Firmware development for a range of smart devices, including sensors, detectors, appliances, wearables, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, IoT gateways
  • Hardware driver implementation
  • Various Certifications
  • Integration services for new devices, 3rd party clouds, 3rd party gateways


  • Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11.x)
  • IEEE 802.15.4
  • Bluetooth (stack, profiles, applications)
  • BLE
  • HomeKit
  • Zigbee (stack and applications)
  • Zigbee Direct (ZB3/BLE)
  • CHIP
  • Sub-Ghz
  • dotdot

  • RF4CE
  • Thread
  • 6LoWPAN
  • Z-Wave
  • WAVE
  • RF Products Testing Procedures
  • Solutions from scratch or based on existing MAC or higher levels

Integration with Radio SoC/chipsets

  • Nordic
  • Qorvo (GreenPeak)
  • TI
  • On-Semi
  • Telink
  • SiLabs
  • UBEC
  • Quallcomm
  • CSR
  • CSEM
  • Microchip
  • STM

DSR’s breadth of experience will help you to build and launch your product with a tailored project roadmap, an optimal technology stack, and a fully-managed team including architecture, quality assurance, and support.

DSR provides skilled and trusted software development by maintaining the best talent; with a high level of expertise and a breadth of technical areas. A low attrition rate, a collaborative environment, and a focus on personal growth, help us to maintain a great team of expert engineering resources - resources which are becoming scarcer around the world.

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DSR in Tech

DSR participates extensively in international standards bodies (Zigbee Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, Thread Group, and others), international conferences/hackathons in emerging technologies such as blockchain, and specialized external trainings that help us stay on the technological cutting-edge.

DSR in Tech

DSR experts share their expertise in DSR designed and led courses at Voronezh State University. Teaching is one of the main ways in which DSR maintains cutting-edge technical expertise.

Our engineers also hold weekly, internal cross-team trainings where they share functional knowledge in more than just the latest technologies. Our teams train in communications and project management, skills that allow them to serve clients’ needs in the most efficient and collaborative way.

Every business has different software needs. We understand that, so our fully-managed teams develop software specifically for your business. Since 1998, companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 500 have relied on DSR. DSR will shorten your time to market and effectively scale your engineering and management team.

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