With more than two decades of enterprise and go-to-market experience, DSR is the ideal software partner to help your offering succeed, no matter the stage of development. DSR’s world-class architects, engineers, and experts make sure that your solution is optimal - from the definition of the project requirements, all the way through product support after launch.

Technology Services

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Primary Services

These services make up the backbone of any DSR project:

Business Analysis,
Requirements Definition,
and Solution Design

Complete analysis of business problem, decomposition of scope, and definition of requirements necessary to meet the project objectives. We offer complete solution design services, including business analysis, requirements definition, graphics design, UI, and UX.

Design, UI/UX

In-house user experience and user interface design services based on industry best practices and modern trends; allows for production of high-quality graphical UI elements and simpler integration into the development workflow.

Architecture Design and
Software Development

Complete system architecture design, taking into consideration the future product roadmap and requirements; performed by a Lead Architect and validated by DSR’s internal group of architects. Every project is then assigned to a balanced team of fully-managed engineers that are not only technology experts, but have the soft skills to work with your team effectively.

Project Management

DSR teams are always fully-managed. Project planning, controlling, and monitoring is conducted to a world-class standard; allowing for early risk analysis, risk mitigation, issue resolution, and timeline estimation down to an hour - keeping your project on track.

Quality Assurance

We support our clients with performance and stress testing, penetration testing, standards compliance, and security audit in addition to the classic black, white, and grey box testing, to ensure the quality of each product. Our QA testers are world-class and trained in house with DSR’s 10+ of experience delivering end-user products for the Japanese market.

Project Documentation

Complete project documentation, including requirements, design specs (HLD & LLD), test plans, test cases, etc.

Value-Add Services

Your situation is unique; we can help with these additional services:

Due Diligence
and Consulting

Complete review and assessment of an existing product or prototype to evaluate solution strength, ensure compliance with requirements, and ability to support product roadmap enhancements. Other specialized technical consulting services performed by a Lead Architect for a niche area.

and Support

The life of your product continues after delivery, so we offer continuation services to support future enhancements, Tier 2 and 3 product support, upgrades, and other necessary maintenance to support your customers.

Standards Compliance

DSR provides standards compliance audit services, certification preparation, and support services.

Technical Training
and Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer to the client team ensures they fully understand and can support the product or solution. Architecture, product details, and code training from DSR lead- or architect-level resources ensures your team is successful.

System Integration

We are integration experts. We perform development with the objective to integrate existing and 3rd party systems for a more complete solution.

Security Audit /
Penetration Testing

Product enhancement/evaluation to meet necessary security standards/requirements, identify any vulnerabilities, and propose/implement changes in the customer’s development and release cycle to reduce future risks and issues. Examples include HIPAA, MISRA, and others.

More about DSR Services

DSR can precisely calculate project completion and effort estimates because of our internal engineering metrics, used to evaluate the performance of each engineering resource. These reviews are mandatory and conducted on a quarterly, bi-annual, and annual basis.


Our experience means that we factor in all of the risks and potential roadblocks for a given project, estimating projects to the nearest hour on a WBS basis.

Our engineers have extensive experience working with multi-national or global teams- located in different time zones, speaking different languages, and from different cultural backgrounds. We will always work with you to ensure that your project needs are met in the most efficient way, including using your preferred tools and methodologies, for smooth and effective collaboration.

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