Open Source Yeoman generator for AngularJS Is Released by DSR

October 5th, 2016

DSR understands that open source community is what pushes the modern IT world forward. DSR is well known for ZBOSS, ZigBee® open source stack certified by the ZigBee® Alliance. Moreover, DSR continuously contributes bug fixes for issues found during development with various modern development platforms and technologies.

DSR understands the value of sharing tools, standards and best practices that we use internally. So recently DSR team released a Yeoman generator for AngularJS. It has some useful optional features, like JWT support, basic components, tools for responsive UI and some others, and, of course, good documentation. The source code is available here:

This is only the beginning. Soon we’re going to release a Yeoman generator for Node.js, several advanced AngularJS UI components and many other fancy things. Stay in touch and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates from DSR or check out our blog.