Noema, Vivotek Showcase Cutting-Edge Computer Vision Gun-in-Hand Detection Application

July 14th, 2020

Noema, a DSR Corporation company, and Vivotek, a global leader in security surveillance, demonstrated a solution for effective, real-time detection of gun-related security events, in a recent webinar hosted by Security & Safety Things (S&ST).  The application is integrated with Vivotek’s advanced AI Box and Video Management System.

The app utilizes the latest Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence technologies to identify, in real time, if someone in front of the camera is holding a gun in their hand. There are two alarm types that can be triggered: the first triggers if a gun is detected in any frame and the second averages alarm confidence across recent frames.

The demo footage below shows the simple application integration with Vivotek’s Data Magnet App and VMS, along with two real-life gun-in-hand scenarios.  The Gun-in-Hand detection application triggers alarms from the real footage, and shows them in a clear and useful interface.

The full version of the S&ST webinar is available here.

The above End-to-End Security Solution includes:

  • S&ST open IoT platform for security cameras
  • Noema’s Gun-in-Hand Detection app
  • Vivotek’s OSSA compliant smart cameras
  • Vivotek’s Data Magnet App and VMS integrated with Noema’s application

The above components enable the solution to effectively detect any gun-related security events in real-time and trigger alarms automatically. You can check out the demo version of the app in the S&ST app store.

Noema leverages more than 20 years of DSR’s proven experience in custom software engineering, encompassing projects of all scales and across many industries. The company is focused on delivering the most up-to-date and reliable AI and Computer Vision solutions for security, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and smart homes & cities.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced software partner in the Computer Vision space, don’t hesitate to reach out.