Espressif Joins ZBOSS Open Initiative (ZOI), a Community for Royalty-Free Zigbee® PRO Stack Software

October 19th, 2021

DSR Corporation announces that Espressif, a multinational, fabless semiconductor company focused on developing cutting-edge wireless communication, low-power, AIoT solutions, has joined the ZBOSS Open Initiative (ZOI).

Read the full press release about Espressif's decision to join ZOI:

ZOI is a community of companies working together on building and maintaining a Zigbee® PRO software platform, ZBOSS. This is a unique member-driven initiative that gives its members access to the latest features, tools, and product development support. This collaborative, non-open-source approach further improves interoperability, security, testing and optimization of Zigbee®-enabled products and solutions.

We are very excited to welcome Espressif into the ZOI fold. As the ZOI membership grows, we expect the initiative to create real value for not only its member companies, but also for the many consumers world wide who will interact with ZBOSS software.

To learn more about ZOI and what the ZBOSS Open Initiative can do for your company, visit our website:

If you think ZOI could improve the way you do Zigbee developement, don't hesitate to reach out!