DSR`s ZBOSS ZigBee 3.0 stack is now part of ARM IOT offering

December 9th, 2016

DSR is happy to announce that ARM has chosen DSR ZigBee 3.0 stack to support their new product, ARM® Cordio® radio IP. ARM® Cordio® radio IP belongs to the ARM family of 802.15.4 and Bluetooth 5 standards-based low-power wireless IP solutions. It provides a complete RF-to-Application solution for WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Networks) radios.

ARM reckons Cordio radio IP is the only fully integrated platform in the market and includes a transceiver, baseband, and link layer (LL) subsystem including firmware. Moreover, ARM claims devices using Cordio radios will last up to 60 percent longer between battery charges due to falling under the typical wireless circuits that run at 1.2 volts.

ZBOSS 3.0 – ZigBee 3.0 stack from DSR is now offered as the stack of choice for those willing to utilize ZigBee on top of the Cordio radio. Built with great attention to a fixed memory footprint, ZBOSS also provides optimized power consumption, making the end device last even longer.

More information about the ARM Cordio can be found here: https://www.arm.com/about/newsroom/arm-accelerates-secure-iot-from-chip-to-cloud.php.

For additional information about ZBOSS 3.0 ZigBee Stack, please visit: http://www.dsr-zboss.com/#!/.

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