DSR & SST partner for a computer vision and wireless software solution

August 22nd, 2023

Sohwa have partnered with DSR Corporation (headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA; Anatoli Pechkov, CEO; hereinafter "DSR") to develop a complete software solution which includes computer vision and wireless software components.

Through this partnership, SST and DSR will provide embedded development services bringing together Noema's (DSR’s wholly-owned subsidiary specializing in computer vision) computer vision-based image sensing and wireless solutions such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. SST and DSR will provide support from OS porting to driver and hardware development in order to assist customers with their product and environment development.


SST has a wealth of experience in the development of media processing using application processors, and has contributed to the development of many embedded systems, including hardware development, FPGA design, embedded OS porting including Linux, IO driver development, middleware/API development, and application development for a wide range of customers, from industrial equipment to automotive, medical, and consumer systems. 

The new support will include Noema's AI language framework, machine learning framework, and statistical/numerical analysis libraries. By integrating our advanced technologies into conventional embedded system development, SST will be able to meet the various needs of their customers.

"In recent years, embedded processors have been achieving remarkable performance, and the need for advanced embedded solutions has been rapidly increasing. Through our development support, we have responded to a variety of customer needs. This partnership will enable us to respond to a wide range of embedded system requirements, including AI, in a flexible and timely manner.

Through our collaborative relationship with DSR, we will make further contributions to solving our customers' problems and enhancing the value of their products." - Naoyuki Inoue, President and Representative Director of SST

"We see a convergence of several technology areas and strongly believe in helping our customers build future-proof, cutting-edge solutions. DSR and SST partnership will deliver a strong offering to the market, complementing each other’s expertise and helping solve the toughest challenges customers face." - Anatoli Pechkov, CEO of DSR


DSR Corporation (DSR) is a professional products and services software development firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado. DSR brings over two decades of software development experience specializing in embedded, wireless, and application development and computer vision solutions with world-class edge-computing expertise through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Noema. Noema’s deep AI knowledge combined with years of experience delivering products to the market help us build real-world solutions to optimize and automate processes for a variety of industries that far exceed human performance, speed, and accuracy. DSR has delivered solutions in enabling wireless communications in products, embedded software for gateways and sensors, application integration layer, cloud backend, end-user apps (mobile and web), and general technology consulting with niche expertise. DSR is one of a handful of companies around the world that develops solutions covering the entire product spectrum - from the lowest level (hardware layer) to the top-level user apps.

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