What is Computer Vision? Hear from an Expert

April 26th, 2024

Computer Vision is cutting-edge technology making impacts across industries. But what is it?

Listen to Noema VP of Engineering Bruno Oliveira break down Computer Vision, it’s possible uses and how it relates to artificial intelligence. Watch the video and learn what Computer Vision is capable of. A transcript of the video is available below.


“I think you can think of computer vision as any set of techniques that make some machine use visual information close to what humans do.It can be from any camera.

You can make a computer identify things that a human can't, either if it's like with digital pathology where you can find cancer cells on  microscopic images or you can detect alarms earlier than humans could do or you can just automate tasks that humans could do, like looking at a camera 24-7 for security reasons you can do that with a machine, especially with AI.

AI is not computer vision and computer vision is not AI. There's computer vision without AI and AI is also a broader term. But nowadays a lot of computer vision is done with AI mainly due to better accuracy, better results, ease of training.

There's also what we call a classical computer vision that's been around for many years but it still is today in some cases where you don't have as much data where you can train an AI model.”

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