Noema and VisionAery Forge Strategic Partnership Leveraging Advanced Technologies to Increase Safety and Improve Environmental Impact in the Oil and Gas Industry

February 13th, 2024

DENVER, FEB. 13th, 2024 -- Noema, a leading edge-based computer vision AI provider and entity of DSR Corporation, has entered into a strategic partnership with VisionAery, a provider of industrialized edge computing solutions deploying today’s most advanced technologies to remote environments. The partnership brings proven AI and computer vision solutions to the oil and gas industry and will drive innovation to achieve sustainability targets and a net-zero future. 

VisionAery, formerly a division of Twin Eagle Solutions, offers a suite of hardware and analytic solutions integrating Noema’s AI applications for smoke and flare monitoring and liquid leak detection using advanced computer vision. Noema’s advanced monitoring applications run on the VisionAery edge solution and enable applications to work on premises rather than in the cloud or a data center. The applications provide greater operational efficiency, precision and cost-efficient alternatives to remote monitoring solutions. 

"We are committed to bringing the most advanced technologies to market to support oil and gas while addressing key issues, such as carbon offsets. Partnering with Noema increases the breadth and depth of solutions to help our clients meet their strategic goals," said Kaylor Greenstreet, President of VisionAery. "We are working together to advance our flare monitoring and leak detection platforms while accelerating the development of next-gen solutions to address safety and compliance and advance toward a sustainable future."

"Collaborating with the VisionAery team has played an important role in Noema's development of innovative solutions tailored for the petroleum industry. These solutions not only enhance safety, improve compliance, and elevate monitoring capabilities but also seamlessly integrate with edge hardware," noted Roman Lavlinskii, CEO of Noema. "Considering the prevalence of oil and gas sites in remote, inaccessible locations, requiring agile and flexible solutions, our partnership has proven to be pivotal in effectively addressing these distinctive challenges." 

In addition to releasing smoke and flare monitoring and liquid lead detection applications, Noema and VisionAery are working on a suite of computer vision and AI applications for the oil and gas industry integrated with reading, reporting, warning and alarm features. The full list of applications include:

  • Smoke monitoring
  • Fire Monitoring
  • Thermal Tank Level Reading 
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Analog Gauge Reading
  • Event Based Auditing 

These new technologies will help keep producers' costs down and support reliable and safe operation while driving toward a carbon-neutral future. Through this partnership, Noema, Inc. and VisionAery are working closely together to increase safety, assure compliance, and help the industry achieve green goals to create a sustainable future through innovation, automation and computer vision.

About VisionAery 

VisionAery, formerly a division of Twin Eagle Solutions, specializes in turnkey industrial wireless, OT networking and security, as well as IoT solutions for remote environments. Among the company's flagship solutions are flare monitoring, liquid leak detection and remote site inspection. VisionAery offers a preconfigured server that is deployment ready, boasting the benefit of a robust plug-and-play platform. Beyond facilitating a smooth deployment process, we provide first-class engineering support for your projects around the world.

About Noema, Inc.

Noema, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DSR Corporation from Golden, Colorado is a computer vision application developer founded in 2018 to capitalize on our team's world-class edge-computing expertise. Noema's deep AI knowledge, combined with DSR’s years of experience delivering products to the market, helps us build real-world solutions to optimize and automate processes for a variety of industries that far exceed human performance, speed, and accuracy. Noema specializes in human behavior monitoring, video output modification, and object and process tracking for the transportation, health and safety, industrial, oil and gas, infrastructure and property management, security, and retail industries.

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