DSR continues partnership with the Government of British Columbia

June 2nd, 2023

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DSR Corporation is continuing its partnership with the Government of British Columbia (CAN) to develop Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions. The B.C. Government is a pioneer in the early adoption and usage of SSI – a lifetime, portable identity built on decentralized systems, like blockchain, which puts the user in charge of their own digital identity. Previously, the B.C. Government chose DSR to complete three separate projects involving the continuous development and enhancement of their Self-Sovereign Identity platform. The goal of these three previous bids was to modernize components of their platform for easier use and maintenance. The specific opportunities consisted of upgrading the Indy Test automation repository and VON Network to use Indy VDR and implementing a version of the Indy CLI based on the Hyperledger Indy and Aries shared components.

DSR has recently won two additional opportunities to work with the B.C. Government. The first of the new bids includes the development of a data collection application that records locations and details of reforestation trials and synchronizes with a backend database. Our mobile application development team will implement this digital solution, a cross-platform (Android/iOS), mobile data collection app for tree-planters and other reforestation professionals to record reforestation trials and save information to a common dataset. DSR is building the application using Flutter.

The second opportunity consists of developing a mobile application that enables Self-Sovereign Identity digital wallet credentials to be verified during person-to-person interactions. This will be accomplished by one wallet scanning a QR code displayed by another wallet, which will verify the credentials held in that wallet, such as age or identity. The mobile verifier application is built on Hyperledger Aries. DSR's engineers will add the Verifier role to this app to provide citizens and organizations in British Columbia the tools to request proof of information about others using the Self-Sovereign Identity approach. We are looking forward to the continued partnership between DSR’s Decentralized Systems team and the Government of British Columbia in their implementation of Decentralized and Self-Sovereign Identity technologies.

DSR has been working with decentralized systems and Self-Sovereign Identity technologies for over 7 years. Our experience includes serving as a primary contributor to Hyperledger Indy, a ready-to-use Self-Sovereign Identity framework and platform, consisting of tools, libraries and components for providing independent digital identities rooted on a decentralized network. We also contributed to Hyperledger Aries, a set of interoperable specifications and RFCs, as well as multiple frameworks implementing these specifications. We believe that the decentralized web 3.0 world will give everyone more control over their data, increase security, bolster privacy regulations like GDPR and help support government initiatives for regulators and consumers alike, while delivering a better user experience. To learn more about DSR’s decentralized systems experience, please visit: https://en.dsr-corporation.com/capabilities#blockchain