DSR Corporation Achieves Wondrwall Intelligent Living Project Goals

October 22nd, 2019

Home automation is a cutting-edge solution to make our houses more comfortable, energy-efficient, and secure. The global smart home market is forecast to grow to 53.45 billion U.S. dollars by 2022 and one of the key drivers of home automation adoption is easy-to-install and easy-to-use solutions like UK-based Wondrwall. DSR Corporation is pleased to announce that all of the primary goals of the Wondrwall project have been achieved, including the device commissioning issue, resolved thanks to the broad IoT experience of our engineers.


Wondrwall is an intelligent living system allowing for control of various smart home functions via a mobile application or via voice using Amazon Alexa (AWS) integration.

DSR’s role on the Wondrwall project was to create user-friendly and feature-rich iOS and Android apps, backend solutions for mobile applications and a Smart Node, as well as a web-based administration console for viewing and managing devices on the network.

The Smart Node is the heart of the home automation kit. It replaces a standard light switch without additional changes and can be easily integrated with traditional electric bulbs. Each node is able to control up to 3 light sources and, thanks to light sensors built into the Smart Node, can intelligently adjust lightning in the house. A built-in microphone and speaker also allow for control of the node via voice commands using Amazon Alexa (AWS). Smart, wireless thermostats can also be connected to the Smart Node via Zigbee to allow for climate control via the mobile app.

The Wondrwall Kit can easily be turned into security system since the Smart Node is equipped with motion sensors. With the use of an additional Zigbee-enabled siren. When the user sets their status to “Away”, the Smart Node will detect any motion, set-off an alarm, and notify the user via the mobile app.

The Wondrwall apps for Android and iOS developed by DSR Corporation help not only with device control, but also make the smart home system intelligent. The applications allow users to create settings for 3 common scenarios: “At home”, “Away”, and “Sleep”.

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For example, when no one is home, a user might turn off the lights, decrease heating/cooling, and activate their security system. A scenario’s rules can be modified for every room and day of the week, so with the help of the mobile app a user can create comfortable and energy-efficient home with just a few clicks.

DSR’s software engineering team also enabled a proximity-based smart home system that switches between the “Away” and “At home” scenarios with the help of the geolocation capabilities built into your smart phone. Sonos smart speaker systems are also supported by the Smart Node, allowing users to control their home speaker system and play music via the mobile app.

In future iterations of the Wondrwall project DSR Corporation and its’ partners will enable solar panel and smart plug support, making the home automation system even more eco-friendly, secure, and comfortable.

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