DSR Celebrates 8 Successful Years Training new IT Specialists

October 25th, 2019

For eight years running, DSR Corporation and Voronezh State University have partnered to provide free training for future programmers and experienced developers who want to grow their skill set and knowledge base. Under the guidance of hardened IT veterans from DSR, anyone can establish a solid theoretical basis in C, grow their knowledge of Java applications, delve into the world of C++, master world-class QA practices, and gain exciting, practical knowledge of cutting-edge IoT and embedded systems technologies.

DSR is happy to announce that training groups for the 2019/2020 academic year have been already formed, with more than 600 future programmers applying during registration.

DSR’s industry experts are eager to share their knowledge and proven expertise, so that anyone can join training courses in the following areas, free of charge:
• Java
• C
• C++
• Embedded systems and IoT
• QA Engineering


The C programming language is essential for any software engineer. The DSR training course arms students with a comprehensive knowledge base as well as strong set of practical skills. At the end of the training, students are able to create their first advanced program in C.

Being one of the most popular programming languages for client-server web applications, Java is a great way to start skyrocketing your IT career. DSR’s experts know how to get things rolling, and in no time, students are equipped with the tools and knowledge to create their own Java programs from scratch.

DSR C++ School is an excellent starting point for diving into the vast world of software development. The free course covers not only theory, but also the practical programming skills that will equip students for success with C++ going forward.

QA engineers are key to any software development process. DSR QA School provides students with carefully-distilled practical knowledge, real use cases, and professional feedback on practical tasks. Diligent students who pass the final exam will receive an electronic QA certificate from DSR.

The Embedded Systems Training Center (ESTC) was established in 2011 in collaboration with the Japanese company, OTSL Inc. Experienced developers from DSR share their proven expertise on microcontroller programming, wireless technologies, and industry-grade software development. Upon finishing the course students are able to develop their own IoT device. ESTC has trained more than 100 future embedded developers over the past 8 years.

The DSR Training Center provides a great opportunity to learn fundamental programming skills and build a solid theoretical basis for free. Under the guidance of experienced IT professionals anyone can test their newly acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios.

The most successful students have a chance to join DSR’s international team of developers.


About DSR Corporation

Headquartered in Denver Colorado, DSR Corporation is a global leader in custom enterprise software development. With over two decades of experience, DSR possesses rich and proven expertise in IoT, Big Data and Analytics, Wireless, Blockchain, Embedded System Development, M2M, UX/UI, Computer Vision, and Mobile development. Among DSR’s own products are Zibgee stack for smart home devices and industrial sensors as well as white-label smart home cloud solution zHome. DSR’s customers include Bosch, Casio, Netflix, Panasonic, Evernym and other established brands.

The company has offices located around the world including the USA, Russia, Portugal, and Japan.