Blockchain Week in Dubai

April 24th, 2024

That’s a Wrap! Blockchain Week 2024 in Dubai 

Blockchain Week has come to an end and I am excited to share insights from this memorable event!

Our journey began with Blockchain Life, where, despite the initial challenges of rain and flooding, the sense of community among attendees was hard to miss. Discussions centered around the increasing integration of cryptocurrency payments into traditional markets. Notably, Justin Sun, founder of TRON, shared valuable insights into long-term ecosystem development strategies, shedding light on the strategic direction of leading blockchain projects.

Next, we attended Token2049, which was an amazing experience. For two days, Dubai turned into one big Web3 party with music, laser shows and the latest technologies. Many long-awaited announcements were made, such as Pavel Durov's unveiling of NFT emojis on Telegram and plans to share revenue with content generators. Also, Tether announced USDT launching on TON. Token2049 is an absolutely amazing event due to the high concentration of creative specialists from different fields. Notable highlights included our contribution to creating ideas for several startups and many collaborations.

We wrapped up the week with a technical weekend at ETHDubai. We explored the technical intricacies of the Ethereum ecosystem. After presenting new tools and announced features in known projects, it was evident that Smart Contracts are only one part of the ecosystem. There are many tools for testing and monitoring custom Ethereum networks. Also, ZK technology was one of the hottest topics on the panel discussions. This technology has been around awhile, but we are now seeing new opportunities. On the topic of different DeFi services, ETHDubai presenters provided provide valuable insights into understanding DeFi architecture, offering a glimpse into the future.

I invite you to join DSR on our exciting journey. Let's continue the conversation on emerging ideas and technologies. Follow us for updates, or better yet, meet us at an upcoming conference. Our collaboration could be the spark that ignites the next world-famous product!