DSR Supports Bhutan’s Launch of a National Digital Wallet

December 14th, 2023

In the global transition to Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) systems, the Kingdom of Bhutan (Bhutan) is a leader with the recent National Digital Identity (NDI) launch and implementation of a nationwide SSI framework. DSR Corporation (DSR) supported the creation and integration of the Bhutan NDI, utilizing its years of expertise in SSI technologies and frameworks and engineering experience in software development, DevOps, testing and working with systems in production. 

The Bhutan NDI marks a milestone in the digitalization of services, enabling fast, secure and trusted interactions between individuals and service providers, while most importantly, giving all Bhutanese citizens equal access to government, commercial and banking services. Aligning with SSI principles to foster trust in the digital realm, this approach assures citizens have control over their online identities, setting a positive precedent for nations embarking on similar journeys. Bhutan has granted its citizens the fundamental right to privacy and control over their data with the recent passing of the NDI Act of 2023. The objectives are to empower citizens, ensure data privacy, enhance data security, and promote inclusivity and accessibility. By enabling citizens to access government services remotely through the NDI platform, an additional benefit is the reduction in travel thereby reducing congestion and pollution, helping to keep Bhutan carbon-negative. Bhutan NDI is planning the addition of a digital wallet to facilitate secure digital signing, digital currency transactions, and verifiable credential storage and exchange. Bhutan NDI's compatibility with international protocols, use of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) technology, and integration of a Revocation Service demonstrate its commitment to global standards and enhanced user security. 

As governments worldwide increasingly recognize the importance of SSI, Bhutan's NDI serves as a model for successful implementation. DSR Corporation's collaboration with Bhutan in achieving digital sovereignty demonstrates the transformative potential of SSI in the public sector. The right implementation of SSI principles, as showcased by Bhutan NDI, is pivotal in empowering citizens in the digital age. This implementation represents a significant stride towards secure, private and citizen-centric digital ecosystems. The collaboration serves as a beacon for nations navigating the intricate digital identity landscape, emphasizing the importance of technological partnerships in shaping a trustworthy and inclusive digital future.