Automated Workflows Developed as Flagship Feature for Leading Document Management System by DSR Corporation

November 13th, 2020

A document management system (DMS) provides businesses with efficient tools to securely manage, store, and share documents. According to QYResearch’s ( latest report, over the next five years, the global DMS market is expected to reach $7 billion with a projected annual growth of 15.0% from 2019-2025. To stay competitive, a DMS has to provide its users with up-to-date features like enhanced security, integration with cloud services, and complex, yet easy-to-use, workflow systems.

DSR corporation recently developed a few exciting features for an industry-leading DMS solution, making their document management system even more advanced, secure, and user-friendly. 

Our customer’s solution is a powerful system with a rich feature set, including file requests and sharing, configurable guest access, powerful templates, solid optical character recognition, advanced version control, and automated workflows. The document management software is used by accounting, healthcare and insurance companies, HR departments, law firms, and other businesses with complex document workflows.

The automated workflows system is a flagship feature which helps businesses streamline their routine document management processes. It enables users to create sophisticated, automated scenarios for requesting, approving, and sharing documents. Automated workflow tools allow users to customize their workflows to fit a customer’s specific processes. Moreover, developed by DSR Corporation with ease of use in mind, the automation tools don’t require any IT background. 

For example, the following one-stage workflow can be created to automate the approval process:

Step 1. A DMS’s power user (PU) assigns a workflow step to a selected user who will upload a document in the specified directory.  

Step 2. The PU adds the user who needs to give approval to the document. In this instance, they should choose a user different from the document uploader.

If the approval is rejected, the stage will repeat. If the document is approved, the workflow will be completed successfully. 

In this case, the workflow contains only one stage, but the new workflow system, developed by DSR, allows the user to create sophisticated scenarios with several stages and steps to automate complex document workflows, such as mortgage approvals

Mortgage Approval Workflow Example

Typically, mortgage approval is a document-intensive process involving up to 150 types of documents and multiple, sometimes concurrent, steps and complex stages. It requires the collection, review, management and approval of large amounts of information from different parties.

Automated workflows as a part of the DMS greatly increases the efficiency of the mortgage process, eliminates data-entry errors, and significantly reduces the overall cost of mortgage processing. Several workers are able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, such as preparing the necessary forms; payment schedule, home assessment, tax and insurance forms, etc. 

Different roles can be assigned to different users to keep sensitive information protected. Moreover, file requests can be sent to non-DMS users via e-mail with a guest access link to upload a specific document. 

Benefits of Automated Workflows

Using the automated workflow feature from DSR’s customer document management system, a business receives numerous advantages:

  • Flexibility to automate almost any document workflow. 
  • No special training or certification for staff required to create and manage automated workflows. 
  • Ease of information sorting and packaging for different involved parties. 
  • Access controls for confidential data.
  • Notifications about new document uploads, changes, approvals, etc. 
  • Access to a necessary document anywhere, anytime by using the web-based DMS.
  • Eliminate data-entry errors.
  • Greatly reduce your company productivity losses which happen due to document challenges. 

DSR Corporation was excited to develop this cutting-edge, automated document management system; one that is simple for end users and powerful enough to add competitive functionality in the space. Our company is now working on and supporting the customer’s DMS to make it an even more compelling solution.