DSR in 2021- High Level

January 13th, 2022

As DSR’s CEO, Anatoli Pechkov, put it in his Christmas address to the company, DSR is in no hurry to leave behind the year 2021. Although it was a year that certainly came with challenges, we are proud to say that DSR was able to deliver, as we always have, the highest quality solutions for our global clientele, in a market filled with uncertainty and delay.

Despite these challenges, DSR continued to grow in 2021, serving more than 70 clients worldwide and adding a 5th office to the DSR global presence. Thank you to all of our clients and partners for making the year such a success.


DSR further sharpened our application skills, building highly-scalable complex systems for clients in the areas of business automation, productivity, quality management, media and entertainment, and sovereign identity and currency security. With the accelerated digitalization of many industries as a result of the pandemic, DSR is working tirelessly with our customers to automate and bring their services online using the latest, proven tech.

As IoT continues to follow an upward trend, DSR is excited to lend its extensive skills in wireless technologies (Zigbee, Matter, Thread, Bluetooth, and WiFi) and embedded development for building reliable, future-ready IoT products.  DSR continued to actively participate and lead in Working Groups for both Zigbee and Matter within the Connectivity Standards Alliance, contributing to the standards development and market positioning.

DSR’s ZOI (ZBOSS Open Initiative) community also saw further adoption, welcoming 4 new members and proving out the value and validity of the member-sourced model. ZBOSS underwent great improvements based on the requests and needs of the member companies and their various markets. This success provides a platform on which we can continue to expand the ZOI community in 2022, growing the suite of products and the value the initiative delivers for its members.

Lastly, DSR’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Noema, had an exciting year, taking what we have been working on over the years in the field of computer vision, finally showing it off to the market, and winning the Azena App Challenge. We are very happy with the industry feedback so far, and we can’t wait to bring our applications to market in 2022! With a growing portfolio of 10 apps, Noema is focused on the promotion and adoption of CV technology in a variety of industries. We believe our ethical approach to computer vision applications can help ease problems around the globe in targeted use cases that improve the safety, privacy, and efficiency of the world we live in.

Follow us for more exciting news and announcements coming this year!