DSR supports the Distributed Compliance Ledger from the CSA

April 4th, 2023

Distributed Systems and Web 3.0 principles, like blockchain and decentralization, are impacting a growing number of industries. They are poised to become a standard technology for users looking to control their own data. A Decentralized System has no centralized authority but instead a distributed network of credentialed parties that can independently validate data. From Digital Identity to Decentralized Finance, Web 3.0 is changing how users and networks interact. 

Security and Immutability make up the bedrock of decentralized systems. When data is entered in the system, any other user can trust its validity due the immutable nature of the system. Regardless of industry or application, security is of paramount concern when digital interaction is involved. DSR believes strongly in the power of decentralized system and has contributed to multiple projects in Web 3.0 and decentralized systems implementations.  

DSR supports the expansion and utilization of these technologies into a growing number of industries with great benefits. DSR has unique expertise in working with IoT, enterprise systems, computer vision and mobile. We anticipate a lot of convergence of these technology areas with blockchain in the future. DSR has already participated in the implementation of decentralized principles into the IoT market. Although these technologies seem dissimilar, decentralized principles are changing how users trust and verify IoT device information. DSR combined its IoT development and decentralized systems expertise to contribute to a decentralized IoT device ledger. 

The Distributed Compliance Ledger (DCL) from the Connectivity Standards Alliance is an industry-wide initiative to create a cryptographically secure, distributed ledger of certified IoT devices and their roots of trust. The CSA tapped DSR to contribute to the implementation of decentralized technologies into the DCL due to our previous experience with blockchain and developing decentralized systems at all scales.

The DCL, through its decentralized nature, addresses a number of issues faced by consumers, developers and manufacturers concerning information about their IoT devices. These problems can make it difficult to verify who manufactured the device, what firmware is inside and what protocols the device is certified for. The DCL provides a secure, tamper-resistant and public record of device. These components allow transactions to be independently verified without the need for a central authority. Traditional models and centralized databases do not provide the security and immutability at the scale decentralized models can. 

DSR assisted in the development of Decentralized Compliance Ledger by collaborating on the design, development and support of most components. DSR contributed to the design and building of the underlying blockchain framework which makes the ledger decentralized and immutable. 

DSR is a strong proponent of the value of decentralized systems across industries, as is evidenced by our contribution to the development of the Distributed Compliance ledger for IoT devices. Visit https://en.dsr-corporation.com/technology#blockchain to learn more about DSR’s Blockchain and Decentralized Systems capabilities and experience and how these technologies can transform your business.