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Decades of software development experience has allowed DSR to create a number of DSR brands that represent areas of deep expertise. DSR offering in each area is a combination of products and services that enrich the industry and provide unique solutions to their clients.

DSR Zigbee

DSR has been working in Zigbee area since 2009 and is an active member of Zigbee Alliance since 2012. To help solve interoperability issues, DSR has developed a Zigbee Pro 2012 software stack - ZBOSS. DSR Zigbee offering is an entire suite of software solutions supporting Zigbee technology needs.


DSR Bluetooth®

DSR's Bluetooth product lines are successfully used by large and small corporations in Japan and U.S. since 2001. DSR's Bluetooth software stack allows the creation of new devices with Bluetooth features that deliver excellent performance along with low energy consumption rate.


DSR Home Automation

DSR has been involved in the IoT software development since 2007. DSR IoT solutions include high performance backends for elderly care and complete, scalable home automation cloud systems. DSR breadth of experience in the IoT area includes firmware development for IoT products, including sensors, devices, hubs, and gateways. DSR IoT solutions are complemeted by DSR's deep experience in the wireless space working with Zigbee Pro, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Apple HomeKit, and AllJoyn.


DSR Media/Entertainment

DSR has extensive breadth of experience in the Media and Entertainment market. Workflow management from content ingested through major content providers (STATs Inc.) and multiple file formats (MXF, MPEG-4, AVI, MP3, TIFF) to real-time asset integrity validation before play out. DSR media/entertainment solutions ensure essence and derivative asset data protection, while delivering ultimate performance and scalability. For end users DSR has designed several user interfaces that specifically address industry workflow demands of simplicity, ease of use and performance.

Big Data and Analytics

With the vast amounts of data being collected by businesses individuals, it is becoming more and more important to use it to further your business results, provide competitive edge, and improve operations. DSR can help you capitalize on the data you already have by using smart analytics and machine learning techniques. If you are considering any project where the term “Big Data” is applicable, DSR can help you choose the best technology stack and build a reliable solution upon it. DSR team has vast expertise in data migration from SQL to NoSQL, building distributed real-time computation systems, and making fast and scalable analytical solutions for databases with size of over 1 terabyte.