DSR System Development News March 2015

Arm Wrestling

Low power consumption means ARM processors are making headway into the single-board industrial computer market, even as Intel, AMD and Via make lower power x86 chips. Cost, performance, and virtualization are other parameters affecting adoption.

Get Started With ZigBee® Today

Our readers are often interested in ZigBee technology but don’t know how to get started. Here are four starter kits you can order online to get started with ZigBee today!

Apple’s Big Bet

Apple introduces the new MacBook, shares more details on Apple Watch, and discusses a new platform, ResearchKit. All of these announcements share a common thread – Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Bluetooth® Breakthrough Awards

The SIG and media partner CNET announced the overall winner and the category winners of the annual Bluetooth® Breakthrough Awards. Over the last few years, the breakthrough awards have helped bring attention to some of the best Bluetooth® enabled products, applications, and concepts. This year is no exception.

The Power Of JavaScript For IoT

Marvell announced that it has open-sourced the company’s software crown jewel, KinomaJS. The KinomaJS is a JavaScript-based framework designed to build the core applications of embedded devices.

2 Worst Mistakes in Electronics Product Design

Seeing over more than 25 years of manufacturing niche electronics products for a wide range of target industries, George Henning, President of OCM Manufacuring thinks he has seen it all. Unfortunately, that means that he continues to witness some of the same heart-stopping (and product killing) mistakes again and again.

1-Micron Image Sensor Pixel

The OV16880 is a 16-megapixel CMOS image sensor from OmniVision Technologies Inc. with a pixel size of 1-micron. The sensor uses PureCel-S stacked die technology and supports phase detection autofocus.

Less Errors With IAR

IAR Systems has introduced a design tool to provide static analysis as part of its development toolchain for ARM micro controllers.

Accident-Free Cars

Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled at the Mobile World Congress here an automotive vision system-on-chip, dubbed S32V, designed for what the company calls “an accident-free car.”

VNC for Raspberry Pi

The software known as VNC can be used with Raspberry Pi in two ways. If the Raspberry Pi is connected to a monitor or TV and is running a graphical desktop, the software allows the user to run remote access or share the screen with another user.


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