DSR System Development News November 2014

xbee The First ZigBee Radio Network in Space

XBee radios will form a prototype telemetry system on a NASA Soarex sounding rocket launching this coming January, 2015. A three-node XBee ZigBee network will be used to monitor the exo-brake performance so that no wires need to be added to the device. The nodes will monitor six different acceleration parameters as well as overall temperature and air pressure.

wlan-tv IEEE Standard Defines WLAN Coexistence in TV White Space

The IEEE 802.19.1 standard enables the family of IEEE 802 wireless standards to effectively utilize the TV white space. The 802.19.1 standard specifies radio technology independent methods for coexistence among dissimilar or independently operated wireless networks operating in TV white space.

nodejs Use JavaScript with Node.js to Build Internet of Things Projects

You don’t need to be an electronics engineer to develop IoT prototypes with an Intel Galileo Gen 2 board. Intel XDK IoT Edition provides an IDE that enables you to use JavaScript with Node.js to build Internet of Things (IoT) projects that target specific Intel boards and interact with Arduino shields and modules.

greenvity ZigBee and HomePlug in a Single Chip

Hybrii®-XL GV7011 is the industry’s first hybrid System-on-Chip with HomePlug Green PHY PLC and IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee.

Target Applications include:

  • Smart Energy Management for Home, Buildings and Multi-Dwelling Units
  • Plug-in Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Smart Meter
  • Smart Appliances
  • Smart Home Network (Home Gateway, Routers and STB)
  • Controlled Lighting
  • Solar Inverter and Micro-Inverters


volvo Volvo Uses a Suite of Discrete Sensors to Make Cars Safe

Volvo has developed new technology that can do a 360 degree scan of its surroundings and suggest actions to avoid incidents.

Key to the technology is a centralized Sensor Fusion framework that allows data from radar, cameras, lidar, GPS, and other sensors to be shared efficiently.

greenpeak “After The Smart Phone: The Smart Home”

GreenPeak Technologies has created a new white paper titled “After The Smart Phone: The Smart Home” that discusses and explores the importance of the smart phone and other web connected devices to the rapid emergence of the Smart Home. The new white paper also includes a discussion of Family Lifestyle systems.

btsmart Bluetooth Smart in Windows 10

The built-in integration with Bluetooth 4.0 first appeared in Windows 8. And now in Windows 10 Microsoft is giving the entire ecosystem one SDK for development. All the OEM needs to do is include the hardware (dual mode Bluetooth BR/EDR + LE radio).

You take Windows 10 software and the OEM’s hardware and it turns the phone, tablet or PC into a powerful Bluetooth Smart Ready hub – ready to connect with billions of Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart peripherals.

ibeacon Beacons are Opening New Avenues for Retailers

Toshiba recently introduced signs that use Bluetooth® Smart technology to create customize the consumer shopping experience. Bluetooth beacons send out a signal and when the smartphone comes into range, the sign becomes an “adaptive storefront”.

Watch the video

cancer Lab-on-a-chip Could Speed Cancer Diagnosis

The lab-on-a-chip works by detecting miniscule membrane vesicles called exosomes, which are found in most cancer cells.

Until now, exosomes have been hard to separate out and test because of their small size (between 30 and 150nm). Now, however, a team from the University of Kansas has created a device that promises faster result times, reduced costs, minimal sample demands and better sensitivity of analysis compared to conventional bench-top instruments currently used to examine the tiny biomarkers


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