DSR System Development News July 2014


The ZigBee® Alliance announced it has completed testing and development of 920IP,
an update to ZigBee® IP, the first open, global standard for an IPv6 based full wireless mesh networking solution
to control low power, low cost devices.
920IP was developed in response to Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications designation of 920 MHz
for use in HEMS and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry endorsement of ECHONET Lite as a smart home standard.

Spansion in ZigBee® Alliance

Spansion a global leader in embedded systems has just joined the ZigBee® Alliance.
“We are pleased to welcome Spansion to the Alliance and their commitment to developing interoperable Internet of Things products,”
said Ryan Maley, Director of Strategic Marketing for the ZigBee® Alliance.

IEEE P2413

The IEEE has just launched a new IoT development development project, IEEE P2413,
to develop a standard architectural framework for the Internet of Things.
According to Oleg Logvinov, chair of IEEE P2413 WG, upon completion,
the standard will provide a robust architectural framework for the IoT, reducing market fragmentation,
improving interoperability, and serving as a catalyst for continued IoT growth and advancement.

Battle for the Smart Home

The race for the smart home is really on in earnest. Recently, Nest Labs made the software behind its
internet-connected thermostat and smoke detector systems accessible to outside developers.
Nest Labs says that more than 5000 developers are interested in tapping into its system.
Both Google and Apple are among them.

Android: Now on 64bit ARM

Android has been ported to 64bit ARMv8-A hardware by Linaro, the open source software industry body devoted to ARM cores.
Available as part of the Linaro 14.06 release, the port has been tested on ARM’s ‘Juno’ development hardware,
which has dual Cortex-A57s and quad Cortex-A53s, coupled in the firm’s power-saving big.LITTLE arrangement, plus a quad core Mali T-624 graphics processor.

Tiny Image Recognition System

A US-based start-up has come up with a way to port its image recognition SDK to the Raspberry Pi.
“This because it shows that even tiny, cheap devices are capable of performing sophisticated computer vision tasks,”
said Pete Warden, chief technology officer at Jetpac.


A company named Swarm has developed a pretty cool Bluetooth® Smart solution for in-store
tracking and managing of foot traffic.
It consists of a Bluetooth® Smart sensor tag and an app on a smart device, with a monthly service fee for managing the analytics of the collected data.

Find a Fish with a Smartphone

Are you looking for the solution to connect your smartphone with the oldest hobby in the world – fishing?
If so, then look no further than the Bluetooth® Smart Fishfinder. It syncs with an iPhone or iPad and uses a sonar
transceiver to locate fish.

Why wear IT?

In the era of emerging wearable devices, the most important part of the debate shouldn’t be “how” a wearable device looks
(its form factor, if you will).
It’s more important to understand the “what for”. In short, why attach a gadget to yourself?

Don’t major in CS

Do you want to work for one of the IT industry giants? But are you sure that you need CS degree to achieve your goals?

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