DSR System Development News February 2015

C++14 in Embedded Systems

In 1998, D.Herity wrote an article for Embedded Systems Programming titled ‘C++ in Embedded Systems – Myth and Reality’. The article was intended to inform C programmers concerned about adopting C++ in embedded systems programming. A lot has changed since 1998…

Open Source Hardware Advances

Technology leadership is not defined by patents, which history has repeatedly shown to be small protection indeed against a determined competitor, but rather by the ability of a company to attract and motivate the world’s most talented engineers.

ZigBee® Explained

With home automation steadily working its way towards becoming the hot thing that everyone predicted it would be, there are a number of connection standards being thrown around. One of the best established is ZigBee. So what exactly is ZigBee, and how might it affect you?

Security in Bluetooth® 4.2

A few weeks ago, the Bluetooth SIG released the new Bluetooth® 4.2 core specification. This new release is the most connected, most secure and most power-efficient specification to date. Bluetooth® 4.2 contains feature updates in security, privacy and extended data packet length.

Bluetooth Meets the Internet

While there is no standard end-to-end IoT architecture, we can make some observations about both the architectures and technologies involved. IoT scenarios will be serviced by multi-tier architectures. Furthermore, it is possible to identify an ‘edge tier’ which may be likened to the leaves of an IoT tree. Bluetooth Smart devices exist within this edge tier.

Smart Skepticism About IoT

As a McKinsey analyst, Christopher Thomas is paid to think out of the box. So in this time that is by all accounts the peak of the hype cycle for the Internet of Things, it’s no surprise the co-leader of the firm’s Asia semiconductor practice is something of an IoT skeptic.

Muscular Arm

ARM has announced its most powerful processor ever. Called Cortex-A72, it is 1.8x more powerful than the firm’s 64bit Cortex-A57, and 3.5x more powerful than the 32bit Cortex-A15, according to ARM.

Electric Paintings

Non-toxic, solvent-free, and water-soluble liquid wire can be used for prototyping, repairing PCBs, and painting circuits and sensors on any surface.

Online Linux Training

The Linux Foundation, the organization promoting the take-up of Linux for development, has introduced a new self-paced Essentials of System Administration course as part of its Linux design certification scheme.

10 Must-Have Skills For Embedded Engineers

From getting familiar with open source software to developing apps, industry professionals are urging embedded engineers to get out of their comfort zone and acquire new skills to stay relevant.