DSR System Development News May II 2014

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On May 28th Wireless Japan – one of the largest regional exhibitions in the wireless technology world – opens its doors. Over 200 exhibitors from all over the world will there to show off their products to customers in the Japanese and wider Asian market.
DSR will also be there with our ZigBee® and Bluetooth® Solutions:

  • ZBOSS – DSR’s certified ZigBee® Pro 2012 software stack, together with HA1.2, ZLL and GreenPower and suite of tools for rapid development and deployment
  • ZBOSS Sub1-GHz – now the most popular wireless technology in Japan, together with ZBOSS API
  • BluRapport – portable, high-performance Bluetooth® stack ideally suited for both embedded and desktop applications – now with Bluetooth Smart® support
  • IoE Home Automation Cloud solution – build and deploy your cloud solution in no time with DSR’s IoE cloud framework

DSR System Development News May 2014

TI Cloud Ecosystem

Texas Instruments introduced a third party ecosystem of IoT cloud service providers.
This ecosystem will allow manufacturers using TI technology to connect with the IoT more easily and rapidly.
The first members of the ecosystem include 2lemetry, ARM, Arrayent, Exosite, IBM, LogMeIn, Spark, and Thingsquare.
Each member has demonstrated its cloud service offering on one or more of TI’s wireless connectivity,
microcontroller and processor solutions for a wide-range of IoT applications.

TI Befriended with iBeacon

One more important announcement from Texas Instruments is its support for Apple’s iBeacon technology
across Bluetooth and SimpleLink wireless controller families, a move that could bring various iPad,
IPod and iPhone mobile devices into the mainstream of manufacturing, retail asset tracking,
building automation, automotive and industrial factory systems.

Newby Friendly IDE from TI

Texas Instruments has announced version 6 of its Code Composer Studio IDE.
In addition to offering users an intelligent apps center, advanced integration,
and enhanced learning tools, this new version of the IDE also makes things simple
and easy to learn for new users.

BLE in Cars: Ready, Steady, Safety?

Carmakers are planning to exploit Bluetooth® Low Energy technology,
so that vehicle owners can open and close doors and windows or adjust seats, mirrors, and lighting,
by touching a smartphone/key fob or punching a wirelessly controlled in-vehicle button.
But here’s the thing. How secure is BLE for controlling body electronics inside cars?

ARM with DDR3

Krivi Semiconductor has announced its initial working silicon of a 28nm DDR3 PHY.
The new Krivi DDR3/3L PHY with ARM® CoreLink™ DMC-400 Dynamic Memory Controller is JEDEC compatible, feature rich and supports maximum speeds of up to 2.133Gbps.

Continuous Development

In modern software development, we are accustomed to seeing the term “continuous” used in expressions
such as continuous integration and continuous delivery.
IoT with its growing number of smart devices can require Continuous Development soon…

Open-Source Project Teaches Design of ARM Boards

A Linux programmer from the Slovak Republic has created an open-source project to help engineers and students
to learn about advanced hardware design and how to port Linux to your own ARM board.

Berry Gateway

A strong community of electronic and computing enthusiasts developed several Raspberry Pi-based applications.
One of these is home automation. With its multi-connectivity and powerful processing options,
Raspberry Pi is the perfect platform for a low-cost smart home gateway that controls energy harvesting wireless sensors.
This can be realized in a few steps…

Titan Drones

Titan Aerospace’s drones are expected to help deliver Internet connectivity to remote regions.
Google has agreed to acquire Titan Aerospace, a maker of aerial drones based in Moriarty, N.M., for an undisclosed sum.