DSR System Development News February 2014

ZigBee® with IPv6 in Smart NANs

ZigBee® Alliance announced that a group of leading smart metering and smart grid member companies are developing
a communication profile aimed at achieving true plug-and-play interoperability between the members’
wireless smart grid Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) products and solutions.

Dual-core SD card

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich used the stage at his first CES keynote address to announce the company’s
new smart product lines, and in addition revealed Intel Edison – a 400MHz computer board that fits into an SD card.
Having a dual-core processor, Edison is also equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® modules.

Tesla soul in GeForce body

NVidia introduced the first mobile SoC that supports next-gen graphics capabilities.
Tegra K1, super chip containing 192 Kepler cores, is promised to erase the lines between
desktop and mobile devices and even run Unreal engine 4 on mobile.

CES overview

Here is the list of the most interesting CES events by
including smart lightning, Bluetooth® jewelry, Android in cars, printable keyboards and much more.

8 Ways the ‘Internet of Things’ will impact your everyday life

CES has shown us that IoT is more than a catchword.
Moreover it is more than industrial innovation.
The article describes the near future where we will start to see a plethora of “dumb” objects become connected,
sending signals to each other and alerts to our phones,
and creating mounds of “little data” on all of us that will make marketers salivate.

IoT starter kit

Wunder Bar is a single board based on Cortex-M3 processor and called “IoT starter kit” by creators.
It is designed to look like a bar of chocolate and can be broken into: main board, 6 Bluetooth® Low Energy sensors
and Wi-Fi.

IoT or IoE?

When Cisco CEO John Chambers announced that there was a difference between the
Internet of Things (IOT) and the Internet of Everything (IOE), many cried semantics.

Wearables: the third wave of computing

Wearables are truly upon us. It takes about a decade to shift: from the basements of the 70s, to the desks of the 80s,
the laps of the 90s, the front rooms of the noughties and pockets of the twenty teens, the location of hot computing –
the place where the most interesting developments are happening – always moves and shrinks with every generation.

Texas Instruments DAC runs at 2.5GS/s

The industry’s fastest 16bit d/a converter has been unveiled by Texas Instruments.
The 4-channel, 2.5GS/s DAC38J84 is said to be 66% faster than competing devices.

What if Skynet was a bash script?

Even being a programmer you is simply not able to recognize the code that is shown in movies.
However, moviecode.tumblr.com has already analyzed that for your fun. Site updates regularly
and already contains a great base of filmframes with code and its explanation.