DSR System Development News January 2014

CES 2014 (January 7-10)

While you are reading this article, CES 2014 is in full swing in Las Vegas, NV.
More than 3,000 exhibitors from around the world are showing their products that can represent
the future of electronics.
DSR is also taking part in CES this year. We are located in the ZigBee® Alliance pavilion,
booth 20624-E in South Hall 1, presenting our ZigBee and Internet of Everything solutions.
Stop by and check us out or
contact us
to learn more!

New ETSI Standards

The number of wireless devices using technologies such as WLAN, ZigBee® or Bluetooth®
has grown rapidly over the last few years.
This is why the EU has changed two important ETSI standards, mandatory for market access in Europe.

The Second OS Hiding in Every Mobile Phone

Every smartphone or device with mobile communication capability (e.g., 3G or LTE)
actually runs not one, but two operating systems.
Aside from the operating system that we as end-users see (Android, iOS, etc.),
it also runs a small operating system that manages everything related to radio.

Bold Startup Brings Bluetooth® to Smart Home

Forget ZigBee® and Z-Wave®, here is a startup that wants to make
Bluetooth® the mesh networking protocol of choice for the smart home.
But can Bluetooth® deliver a mesh?

Bluetooth® Wallets

Digital wallets and mobile payment solutions are now a dime a dozen,
but hardly anyone uses them in place of credit cards or old-fashioned cash.
The latest Bluetooth® iteration comes with a low power variant called Bluetooth LE,
which allows two nearby devices – like a cash register and a smartphone –
to connect when they’re in range of one another.

Pedestrians Dead Reckoning

To actualize a whole range of pedestrian navigation applications,
Sensor Platforms in San Jose, Calif. – the software specialists licensing motion algorithms –
has added Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) to its FreeMotion Library of algorithms.

Red Hat Releases OpenShift Enterprise 2

Red Hat has made widely available version 2.0 of its OpenShift Enterprise private Platform-as-a-Service
as the underpinning of its xPaaS Services for OpenShift offering.

iOS and Android UI on Qt

To reinforce its drive to become the leading cross-platform development environment
for embedded system and user interface design,
Digia has just released its upgraded Qt 5.2 with support for Android and Apple’s mobile iOS.

Improve Wi-Fi After Weekends

Here is a guide that was published just before Christmas about how to improve your wireless network
to handle all your guests.
(In our opinion the best way to do it is to turn Wi-Fi off).
Although holidays are over, these tips can still be useful.

Totally Embedded Johny Depp

The first trailer of “Transcendence,” published on
is the new Sci-Fi film about an artificial intelligence researcher who becomes part of his work